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What Does It Cost? 

Once approved as an AEROS Sponsor, your service will be hosted on the airline booking app or a custom app available to passengers on selected flights coming to your city. 

Listing is FREE! 

The only time you pay is when a user books and pays for your service. This will generate revenue for you. Only after this time are you charged with a low flat fee per booking. 

Showcase Your Business



AEROS is the inflight and on-the-ground service that delivers discount coupons on over 45,000 tours and attractions to passengers in the airline booking app or fflya custom app. 

As a Destination Sponsor for AEROS you have the unique opportunity to be involved in the most revolutionary inflight promotional program ever seen!

How would you like to promote your business inflight and secure bookings from airline passengers flying to your city? 

As a destination sponsor you will connect with airline passengers inflight - the most desired demographic in the world! 

Feature your tours, attractions, products and deals as coupons. The program is destination based so you only market to those travellers flying to your city. These are the people who will want to use your service and book your coupon. 

Register for FREE below for your chance to participate in the flight-test program commencing early 2018. 

The first sponsors to register in each category will be eligible to receive a FREE 12 month Platinum Subscription

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