​​fflya Enables Airlines to Capitalize on their Captive Inflight Market and Generate New Revenue by Offering Passengers Savings on 45,000 Tours and Attractions. 

exclusive inflight tours & attractions booking system

1. fflya's tours and attractions are flight programmed to the aircraft destination so passengers view exciting offers relative to where they are going. 

2. Passengers can select coupons inflight and at their final destination, creating ongoing revenue opportunities for the airline.

3. The airline makes money every time a passenger selects a coupon. 

​4. Airlines continue to generate revenue

when the passenger returns home,

as home is a destination too. 

  • Inflight is the perfect opportunity to present tours and attractions as passengers are captive, cashed-up and excited about their destination. 

  • fflya delivers real-time relationship marketing with immediate impact

  • Passengers access the service called 'AEROS' through the airline's booking app, or if they do not have one, a custom app. 

London - Paris: fflya displays coupons for Parisian tours and attractions on-route

How fflya works

Free messaging

Tap into the lucrative tours and attractions business

Travel Partner of

  • fflya's coupon system incorporates messaging, which improves the passenger travel experience by connecting them with family and friends, and enhances the brand relationship with the airline.